Friday, October 06, 2006

Second Round of Zed's Seinfeld Quiz

These 2nd-round questions in Zed's Seinfeld Quiz are tougher than Round 1 questions. They are NOT in mutiple-choice format. You need to provide one answer only. Round 2 is over at 11:59, Saturday.

Here we go. Good luck. 17 questions in all. Don't look at other people's answers--we're working on the honor system here. Bwaaahaaahaahaaa! No, really.

1. What gift does Jerry give Elaine that causes someone to think he is racially insensitive?
2. What kind of soup does Kramer get from the Soup Nazi (supply a specific soup name)?
3. What is the name of the lawyer who represents Kramer several times and then represents the whole Seinfeld gang in the final episode (supply first and last names)?
4. According to George, what would he call himself if he became a porn actor (full name)?
5. What type of a model did George once become?
6. What type of Pez dispenser does Jerry have in the Pez dispenser episode (which model)?
7. While at a book store with Jerry, what does George do with a book that makes the store insist that he buy it--and then when he tries to return it he is refused?
8. In a pizza palor, George sees his high score still stands on a video machine and buys the machine. What video game is it?
9. In a episode after Susan died, George bluffed and told her parents he had a place in the Hamptons; they called his bluff and wanted to go. On the drive to the Hamptons, he told of his fantasy home. What was the name of the two horses he said he owned?
10. When Kramer borrowed Jerry's car, what "body fluid" did he use to fill the radiator when it overheated?
11. What religion does George convert in order to keep his girlfriend from breaking up with him?
12. What kind on animal (a pet of Kramer's) was "Little Jerry Seinfeld"?
13. What sport figure does Kramer think he sees in a Dinky Donuts shop?
14. What is George's ATM PIN code?
15. a. Name the 3 characters who were George, Jerry and Cosmo's bizarro counterparts?
b. What was the Newman bizarro called?
16. What was Puddy's favorite NHL team?
17. Who gave Kramer "the balm" that helped heal his burn?

Round 3 questions can be found on Saturday a.m. and must be completed by Sunday, 11:59 pm.
The winner will be announced on Monday.

Here's Doctor Mom cheering for the participants. Rah-rah!! Siss-boom-bah!


Anonymous mixednut said...

I'll go first.
I think we can all trust each other within the confines of the "honor system"...
*holds out pinky finger*

1.Wooden Cigar Store Indian
2.Minestrone (sp)??
3.Jackie Chiles
4.Buck Naked
5.Hand model
7.Takes it to the bathroom
9.Prickly Pete &...&...damn
15.Are you f'in' kiddin' me?
16.The Maestro!

Oct 6, 2006, 1:15:00 AM  
Blogger Zed said...

Good show, mixednut! Look for the answers on Saturday night 11:59.

Yes, # 15 is really tough, but Mr. Fab asked for tough. Let's see if he gets that one.

Oct 6, 2006, 1:22:00 AM  
Blogger Zed said...

mixednut, you have only 16 answers when there are 17 questions. check out the last two responses.

Oct 6, 2006, 1:24:00 AM  
Anonymous jane said...

1. cigar store indian
2. minestrone
3. jackie chiles
4. buck naked
5. a hand model; wasn't Kramer a calvin klein model
6. tweety bird
7. he took the book to the bathroom
8. frogger
9. ??
10. blood
11. russian orthodox
12. ??
13. ? i know this! what is it?
14. bosco
15. ??
16. ny rangers?
17. maestro

Oct 6, 2006, 1:34:00 AM  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

I am once again going to email my answers if it is okay with you.

And I know #15 Hahahahahahahahaha

Oct 6, 2006, 5:20:00 AM  
Blogger Teri said...

I'm staying out of this one and leaving it up to your brilliant people.

add me to the cheerleader list.


Oct 6, 2006, 10:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Zed said...

Mr. Fab's answers (emailed to me):

1. A cigar store indian
2. Minestrone Soup
3. Jackie Chiles
4. Buck Naked
5. A Hand Model
6. Tweety Bird
7. He takes it into the bathroom with him.
8. Frogger
9. Snoopy and Prickly Pete
10. His own blood
11. Latvian Orthodox
12. A Rooster
13. Joe DiMaggio
14. Bosco
15a. Kevin, Gene, and Feldman
15b. Farkus (or Fargus)
16.The NJ Devils
17. The Maestro

Oct 6, 2006, 11:33:00 AM  
Anonymous mixednut said...

17.The Maestro

Oct 6, 2006, 12:01:00 PM  
Anonymous mixednut said...

Go Fab!
I think he nailed it.

Oct 6, 2006, 12:05:00 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

1. Indian Statue
3.Jackie Chiles
4.Buck Naked
7.takes it in the bathroom
9.Snoopy & Prickley Pete
15. Kevin, Gene, Feldman - vargus

Oct 6, 2006, 12:12:00 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

ARRGGGGHHH I got #2 wrong didnt I

Oct 6, 2006, 12:13:00 PM  
Blogger Zed said...

I can't tell you yet. But then, you remember the old saying, "Money talks ..." Think it over. :)

Oct 6, 2006, 12:38:00 PM  
Blogger Teri said...

way to go, sis, always trying to "bribe" someone for your own monetary gains.

you're a brilliant business woman!

Oct 6, 2006, 12:51:00 PM  
Blogger Lynda said...

rah! rah!

Oct 6, 2006, 1:01:00 PM  
Blogger SushiBoy said...

1. That Wooden Cigar Indian?
2. Don't know - I'll guess ministroni
3. Don't know - I'll guess Howard Peoples
4. Dont Know - I'll guess Georgeio
5. Hand (I know one!)
6. Strawberry?
7. Dog ear a page?
8. Pac Man?
9. Hmmm, 1. This Quiz 2. Is hard
10. Urine
11. Ah Hah I think I know this. Latvian Orthodox
12. Mouse?
13. Joe DiMaggio
14. ????
15. Oh, I should know this one, but I don't.
16. Rangers
17. Newman?

Wow that was a hard one.

Oct 6, 2006, 1:30:00 PM  
Blogger Zed said...

Sorry sushiboy--my answers would have been pretty much like yours. Mr. Fab complained that the first round of quesitons was too easy so I made this one tougher.

Last round tomorrow. Answers needed by 11:59 pm Sunday.

Oct 6, 2006, 1:34:00 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

1. Cigar Store Indian
2.Mulligatawny (sp?)
3. Jackie Chiles
4. Buck Naked
5. Hand model
6. Tweety
7. Takes it in the bathroom
8. Frogger
9. Snoopy and Prickly Pete
10. blood
11. Latvian Orthodox
12. Rooster
13. Joe DiMaggio
14. Bosco
15. a. Kevin (Jerry), Gene (George), and Feldman (Kramer). b. the Newman character was either Vargas or Fargas
16. New Jersey Devils
17. The Maestro (played by Niedermeier from Animal House)

Make the next one tougher, please.

Oct 6, 2006, 1:35:00 PM  
Blogger Zed said...

Chris, you might be a real contender. No one else thought this one was easy... uh-oh.

But the next round (the final round) is definitely tougher. That's due tomorrow before noon. If you haven't done the extremely easy first round, please do so now to get everyone one the same page. Thanks.

Oct 6, 2006, 1:47:00 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

zed- all done. I watch a ridiculous amount of Seinfeld and have a large memory bank for useless trivia, so I expect to do well. Of course I should be careful not to jinx myself before round 3!

Oct 6, 2006, 3:02:00 PM  
Blogger SushiBoy said...

Zed - Its ok that it was hard. It was fun racking my brain for the answers. I can remember the episodes for a lot of questions. Just not the specifics, but it was fun anyway.

Oct 6, 2006, 3:15:00 PM  
Blogger Shelli said...


Oct 6, 2006, 5:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Zed said...

Thanks Sushiboy. Wait 'til you see Round 3. :)

Oct 6, 2006, 5:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Zed said...

Thanks Chris! I really think you might have to put a bit of thought into Round 3--the level of difficulty is up a notch or so.

Good luck!

Oct 6, 2006, 5:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Zed said...

Shelli, you are NOT a loser! Only positive affirmations here!

"I am a winner. I know many, many things. I am good. I am smart. I can do all things!"

There, don't you feel better.

Oct 6, 2006, 5:30:00 PM  
Blogger Doctor Mom said...

Yeah! I Look Simply Maavelous, really I do!

Hey way to go you guys! You're hanging in there and these are getting tougher!

Go Jen!

Go Secret Agent MixedNut! (oh yeah, you're sensitive, I'll change that) Good for you Secret Agent MixedNut

Jane... you gave up on 9, 12, or 15, when all else fails, pick "C"

Yahoo Fab! Great Answers I don't know if they're right.. but Good Job!

Oct 6, 2006, 7:50:00 PM  
Anonymous javajabber said...

I have no shot at all at this!

Oct 6, 2006, 10:08:00 PM  

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