Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rigatoni and the Faeries Aire

I sat down to play something on the piano this morning, and I chose one of the less difficult pieces I have available. The sheet music was hidden away in my piano bench, along with very simple things like Beatles pieces and "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

I just breezed through this one, though when I came to the instruction "Rigatoni" halfway through the first page, I must admit I was unsure whether to speed things up or slow things down. I'm just plain unfamiliar with the "Rigatoni" notation.

If only I could play this wonderful piece for you here. You'll just have to imagine the beauty of it all and how incredibly well I play it.

Music notation for babies and wimps.


Blogger Sushiboy said...

I could play that in my sleep.

... and only in my sleep.

(Release the penguins!)

Mar 15, 2011, 11:51:00 AM  
Blogger Zed said...

Haaaa! I can play half of the first line, maybe. But my piano teacher would have to sit right next to me the entire time.

Mar 15, 2011, 12:14:00 PM  
Blogger Sushiboy said...

You'd need more than your piano teacher for the second half. I think one of those 'chords' has over twenty notes in it.

(Like a dirigible!)

Mar 15, 2011, 12:52:00 PM  
Blogger Zed said...

But I have 29 fingers, so I should be fine.

You play piano, I take it, Sushiboy. Any good?

Mar 15, 2011, 1:14:00 PM  
Blogger Sushiboy said...

I played as a lad and was pretty good for my age. Haven't really played in years. It's something that I'd like to pick up again after I graduate.

Mar 15, 2011, 2:05:00 PM  
Blogger Zed said...

I encourage you to start playing again. Your kids look to their dad for guidance, and you may have a Mozart, Chopin, or, or, or Tori Amos on your hands.

Mar 15, 2011, 4:07:00 PM  

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